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Autograph Update - Holt McCallany

I wrote Holt McCallany on December 22, 2008. That was before I was sending pictures along with the request. Anyways, today, January 20, 2015 I got a picture back. It says For Amy, All my Best, Holt McCallany xo.

I'll try and upload a picture later.

Nano Day 6

Managed to make it to 6317 words. Slowly but surely making progress. hopefully i'll be able to play catch up on tuesday and wednesday.


Nano Days 4 and 5

Looks like this Nano isn't being friendly to me with writing time. Even though i had hte last two days off running errands for the parents and doctor's appoinments had me reaching only 5,292 words today. At least, it is some progress btu not as much as i would like.


Nano Day 3

I only managed to get to 3282 words today but i think htat was doing pretty good considering the day i had today. I won't even get into it but i got very irritated today.


Nano Day 1 and 2

I'm reworking my csi Miami:wolf verse story Bad Moon Rising for nano and day one i got to 1670 words.

Day two has me only reaching 2082 words because dad wanted the computer not caring that its nano. They don't really think much of my liking to write.


Autograph Update

I wrote K Callan who played Martha Kent on Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman. That was my first ever favortie show. Anyways i wrote her on 9-25-14 and today 10-20-2014 i got the picture back signed as well as another one.

 photo kcallan1_zps0ec68c81.jpg


 photo kCallan2_zpsa9a4b905.jpg

Hurt Comfort prompt table

Injured Love Sick Drunk Emotion
Lonely Jealousy Tears Fear Fight

Autograph Update - Chris Pratt

After seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy, I sent an email to his manager on the 19th, hoping to hear who i needed to contact about getting an autographed photo of Chris Pratt. Since I didn't hear back, I figured it was a wasted effort. However, this morning when the mail came i had an envelope waiting for me. When i opened it up, it was a pic signed by Chris Pratt.

 photo ChrisPratt_zps0a477e4f.jpg

Prompt Table For 100 Situations

I forgot what i had before if i even had one approved so i'm trying again. Table One.

001.Tired 002.Back Alley 003.Sunrise 004.Late 005.Son
006.Hot 007.Friend 008.Floor 009.Cheat 010.Think
011.Disgust 012.Shelter 013.Borrow 014.Chair 015.Alter
016.Peace 017.Beach 018.True 019.Crazy 020.Love
021.New 022.Beggar 023.False 024.Happy 025.Cancer
026.Pickpocket 027.Reverse 028.Deliver 029.Arrival 030.Fall
031.Knife 032.Torn 033.Danger 034.Neutral 035.Mate
036.Fly 037.Loud 038.Touch 039.Seek 040.Argue
041.Work 042.Sink 043.Nut 044.Stuck 045.Animal
046.Pray 047.Kill 048.Light 049.Cold 050.Affair
051.Restaurant 052.Movie 053.Wait 054.Patient 055.Crime
056.Choke 057.Fever 058.Summer 059.Eat 060.Thirst
061.Chance 062.Appear 063.Whisper 064.Day 065.Scream
066.Fail 067.Confused 068.Smile 069.Come 070.Alone
071.Fast 072.Slow 073.Return 074.Fire 075.Positive
076.Baby 077.Upset 078.Kitchen 079.Winter 080.Ignorant
081.Fool 082.Afraid 083.Prison 084.Sex 085.Hate
086.Alarm 087.Genius 088.Negative 089.Flood 090.Bomb
091.Hospital 092.Trap 093.Celebrate 094.Old 095.Disappear
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

I'm back. With a few screencaps

It's been a while. Had a long dry spell with autograph collection and also writer's block for a while plus issues with internet connections but i'm back i also have a few screencaps. 3 from reckless and two from csi miami blood brothers. The rest are under the cut. if you use please credit me.

 photo ARReckless_zpsb57606f4.png

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